Let Animals Know They're Not in Charge

Reclaim your territory with pet odor removal in the St. Cloud, MN area

Pets like to mark their favorite places in your least favorite ways. MN Cleaning & Restoration removes the unpleasant odors and stops pets from going back to those spots. Typically, if animals can no longer smell themselves in a certain location, they won't keep making messes there. In this way, pet odor removal is actually preventive.

Several methods aid in getting rid of pet odors. You can oust unpleasant odors with:

  • Decontamination
  • Sanitization
  • Pad flushing
  • Three-step oxidizing
  • Enzymatic treatment

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Enjoy a fresh-smelling home or business with odor removal

Enjoy a fresh-smelling home or business with odor removal

Are you sick of working somewhere with a stale, musty odor? Set up odor removal at your workplace. We'll eliminate unpleasant smells so you can feel comfortable at work once again.

Our company is fully insured. If something still stinks within two days after we're finished, we'll come check it out free of charge.

Contact us today to schedule odor removal throughout the St. Cloud area.